Erosion control in the Lake Kivu and the Rusizi/Ruzizi River basin

A workshop on the management of erosion in relation to the occupation of the watersheds of Lake Kivu and the Rusizi / Ruzizi River was held in Bukavu from 08 to 09 August 2022 under the initiative of ABAKIR in collaboration withbthe city of Bukavu. The workshop was organized with the technical and financial support of the GIZ. The workshop was organized to draw the attention of all the stakeholders in the South Kivu

Province to the intrinsic values of the watersheds and how their proper management support sustainable development.

It was also an opportunity for participants to discuss the major challenges/problems and the threats/pressures that weigh on the protection and governance of these watersheds; and thus, encourage the support of stakeholders in the search and implementation of appropriate solutions to eradicate these threats through a participatory approach which promotes concerted actions for sustainable development.

Speaking during this workshop, the mayor of the city of Bukavu, Mr Meschac Bilubi expressed his appreciation for the existing partnership and noted that this collaboration benefits the populations of the city and those living in areas across the basin. Mr Charles Hakizimana, Co-Director of ABAKIR, said: “With this awareness workshop on erosion management, the city of Bukavu will have a roadmap to remedy the erosion situation

which is one of the major issues affecting the functioning of hydroelectric plants on Ruzizi River.”

“The different water uses in the Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River basin demonstrate the need for regional cooperation for the sustainable and responsible management of this vital resource,” he added.

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